Thompson Park ( The one in Jamesburg)

There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on this place so I though I would give a quick review after I rode it for the 1st time in August 2017.

TLDR: Fun place if your local, has potential, kinda like clayton, not worth a long drive

Started at the "dog park" lot and took Red trail down and crossed school house road to hit the white loop behind the baseball fields at the middle school. The white loop is tighter trails that doesn't look like they get traveled to frequently. A couple of skinny bridges back and forth across the stream and some small climbs/ descents.

The trails near the dog park were on a bit more fun with some fun fast descents and much wider. Not really much in the way of bumps or jumps, but a couple of good bermed turns.

rode the blue/ green/ yellow along the creek, nothing exciting but good for the scenery and adding some miles

There are some additional trails that I didn't get to ride but will be going there again soon and have a review then.
I got in about 7.5 miles without to much in the way of back riding any trail twice and judging from what I missed on the map could probably easily add another 5

climbing the paved hill from the lake back up to the dog park at the end of the ride was a good way to burn off any energy I had left