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Going to create a single thread for updates. If you want to subscribe to a single thread, this is the one watch. I'll add the links over time. Generally @seanrunnette is going to be adding the episodes to the GPM (Great Podcast Machine) and uploading to the socials, then posting here. So look out for his posts on the end.

See list below. It is incomplete but it includes #15. I'll cue Sean to add a description and explanation as to why it was so long and where we've been.

Happy listening.

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  15. Edwin Bull of Van Dessel and Dan Arnstein of NICA and MTBNJ help us get close to the 2 hour mark!


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Today's Offering: #FIFTEEN!
Episode 15! In which we visit Edwin Bull at Van Dessel Cycles World Headquarters and talk internet dating... Er, sales. Then our own Dan Arnstein of New Jersey Interscholastic Mountain Biking - NICA fame calls in using the latest in Dixie Cup tech, and we discuss the optimal temperature for NICA rides, kitchen remodeling and the worst jobs we've ever had. Buckle up!
This is our Live at Budokan. Our Double Nickles on the Dime. Our Zen Arcade. Our Physical Graffiti...
Ok, I'll shut up now.


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I'm digging the return of talking about cyclocross, oh wait... this is MTBNJ.

I'd like to jump on the Branchbrook shit wagon. Those races are a crash fest. Stay away!

Can there be an awesome logo for the podcast like for the short track races? This looks sad:


Welcome back!!


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@StayHydrated, I was there Saturday. Would have been nice to put a face to a username.

Look at the SJSS or Pedal Power series which are in South Jersey if you have a spring crit itch. A bit of a haul but the speed is a little more relaxed and fields are typically smaller.