Patio installers


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I reached out to a couple installers for quotes. They haven't visited yet but do you have recent experience with one you would highly recommend? In house designers?

Looking at 300-400 square foot.
Open to pavers or I am quite interested in stamped concrete with color/sealing.

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I recently had a few quotes for a patio I am going to have done. The quotes ranged between 12.50 and 14.50 a sq foot. Still waiting for the 4th quote to come in. What company’s are you looking at? I am also in CNJ


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Not inexpensive, but will show up when they say they will.
have done multiple jobs at my house - pavers, walls, foundations, brick work.
And Norm's steps (i think)

R & R Kennedy & Son -
contact Troy - 908-268-2101
Out of Bridgewater -
Not to hijack this thread but what's with some of these contractors? Trying to get a hardwood floor guy over, one place in somerville screwed up the original estimate date, confirmed the following day, then never showed up. I left a message, they didn't call back. I have a 1 strike you're out policy with these clowns.