Garmin 800, every park in NJ map overlay. You need this!

I tried using this at Allamuchy but couldn't get it to work. Now looking at my garmin I don't even see the maps anymore. Does it get deleted during an update?


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i just put these on, fuckyeah great job @gtluke!

if anyones interested in paying $15 and coming over to this dump:

i have a pdf versions of "hiking trails" here on the island, plus the official imba trails or i could ride everything and give you a file

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You can't, as far as I know (but I didn't try very hard!).

You can still upload tracks to the Magellan, so you can 'paint' a trail with markers via a program like google earth, and then upload it to your unit.


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The 820 comes with park trails already on it. When we were at White Clay is even told me what the trail names were.

I'm sure they've been doing this in Asia for 20 years but it's pretty cool to see it come out of the box this way.


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Hey @JimN did you ever load @gtluke maps on your edge 820?
I just got one and was wondering if I should bother.
Thanks Glenn
I'm not sure if I ever did. I had it on my 800, but I usually left it disabled. It's very cool and handy, but I find myself not needing it for most NJ parks at this point. It's super easy to setup, so I'd give it a shot.
Just picked up an 810 and was excited to load these maps, but when I click the Dropbox link in the OP, it says file no longer there. Is this still available? Hopefully just offline for an update, but please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong.