Frost woods east brunswick


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Anyone ever ride in Frost Woods in East Brunswick? I recently got back into biking and just found these trails literally across the street form my house. I use them daily to do anywhere between 5-8 miles when I loop them over and hit the streets also. They are short and in dire need of maintenance but are very convenient for me. I was wondering if anyone else here ever frequents them and wants to do a little clean up with me one day? Im thinking of going in there with a chainsaw,weed whacker,rake and a few garbage bags..


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Used to ride frost woods on dirt bikes back in the early 90's. We generally rode the woods on crescent ave and took those out and over helmetta blvd and along cranberry road by the power lines... There is a lot of trails back there. I would love to ride those again


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I took some photos there the other day while walking with my kids. the trails are decent for a local ride but are in need of some maintenance and cleaning. I think Im gonna go in there with my chainsaw and a few garbage bags and clean up. Its sad to see it such a mess and how disrespectful the kids that drink and smoke weed are to the woods..



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I went to Frost Woods today because, with all of the rain we've been getting, I figured most of the trail systems in Central NJ would be muddy, the closest one for me being Chimney Rock (with Round Valley being the one likely exception). I must say -- I was pleasantly surprised.

Although this will never be a "destination" trail (too little mileage -- maybe 6-7 total), and the technical challenges are limited to logovers, logpiles, and a few rickety bridges, I still had a fun time. Notable was the relative absence of mud -- almost none to speak of. Someone has cut back or removed the downed trees that were present after Hurricane Sandy (was that you, Dajerseyrat?). I rode almost all of the trails and there were only a couple of spots where lifting the bike over a downed tree was necessary.

The place is still sorely in need of maintenance, and some of the less heavily traveled trails have piles of leaves, downed branches, and twigs to contend with. The litter shown in the above photos is still an issue, but with a little "love," this place could be a decent local venue, a great place for beginners to get a taste of trail riding, and a trail system for others to hit after heavy rains or to just enjoy some easy-ish riding without a ton of gut-busting challenges.
I know this thread is exceptionally old, but what's the current situation in frost woods? I live 5 minutes away by bike. Are people actively building in there? Or do people want to actively build?