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    I am a transgender woman and I occasionally race my bike. AMA

    Not shitting on at all, I just hate to see people divided like this. I think you completely misinterpreted what I was doing but whatevs. Have me banned.
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    I am a transgender woman and I occasionally race my bike. AMA

    People lighten up my gawd!
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    2015 Salsa El Mariachi - Medium - $750

    If this was a rocky mountain pipeline in orange, I would buy it.
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    Used to ride all over there as kid - we used to ride from behind the mall all the way to the old franciscan friars on todt hill through mostly trails.
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    How Quickly with eBikes be Banned on Trails in our Area?

    I've seen a couple at allaire now, and also noticed strava has e-bike rides, I guess to keep from taking segments from manual peddlers? the few people I know that have tried them have only good things to say.
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    So I built a manual machine..

    Cause popular media has convinced you that you need it.. like clipless pedals and liking Bruce Springsteen
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    Yes and I also spray shoes and socks
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    I think socks actually help those MFR's cling on, they clearly get through the fibers, even socks soaked with Deep Woods Off. I hate the winter but here's to the first frost.
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    Switched to Clipless

    Just for reference sake I was running XTR PD-M9020 with the harder to release cleats.. then switched up to the SPD56 multi releases.
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    Switched to Clipless

    I went clipless for 3 months last winter.. the 2 advantages I saw were climbing was a bit easier and the fact that you have to commit to an obstacle.. but there was other physical discomforts I was experiencing - I tried positioning the cleats differently etc.. in the end I just went back to...
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    I like to eat a sleeve of regular oreos on my way to the dentist
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    Fishing and MTBing

    I think about this every time I ride six mile and see what look like smallmouths in the pools...
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    Traffic Tickets (complaint summons)

    No ID? make that ticket out to Claude Balls.
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    Allaire Conditions

    Orange was still holding standing water along Hospital to Allenwood and in the steelman section. Tiger is greasy and has some water. Stay high.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Riding six mile has to be treated like a couple trying to conceive follows an ovulation cycle. Clear schedules and get busy while the window is open.
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    Free kids trail-a-bike, pick up in Point Pleasant Beach

    I told you getting the Grand Slam Tiger KOM would be easier without a kid on the back.. glad you finally listened.
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    2018 Monday morning NFL GM

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good aftwanoon evwebody welcome to the mike and the mad dawg wadio pwogwam!
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    Vinyl fans

    No Bette Midler?
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    Did Anyone Notice How many Cyclists?

    Don't call me Miss! I am Lady Mary Crawley!
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    Good trails for getting a beginner up to speed

    Cheesequake, while short, isn't very beginner friendly... lots of punchy climbs. Mercer or Wharton would be perfect if looking for elevation avoidance. Clayton involves climbs as does Huber. Allaire has some climbs if you look for them. Hartshorne will be hike a bike for beginners.