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  1. MikeyBikey2000

    Fishing and MTBing

    I think about this every time I ride six mile and see what look like smallmouths in the pools...
  2. MikeyBikey2000

    Traffic Tickets (complaint summons)

    No ID? make that ticket out to Claude Balls.
  3. MikeyBikey2000

    Allaire Conditions

    Orange was still holding standing water along Hospital to Allenwood and in the steelman section. Tiger is greasy and has some water. Stay high.
  4. MikeyBikey2000

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Riding six mile has to be treated like a couple trying to conceive follows an ovulation cycle. Clear schedules and get busy while the window is open.
  5. MikeyBikey2000

    Free kids trail-a-bike, pick up in Point Pleasant Beach

    I told you getting the Grand Slam Tiger KOM would be easier without a kid on the back.. glad you finally listened.
  6. MikeyBikey2000

    2018 Monday morning NFL GM

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good aftwanoon evwebody welcome to the mike and the mad dawg wadio pwogwam!
  7. MikeyBikey2000

    Vinyl fans

    No Bette Midler?
  8. MikeyBikey2000

    Did Anyone Notice How many Cyclists?

    Don't call me Miss! I am Lady Mary Crawley!
  9. MikeyBikey2000

    Good trails for getting a beginner up to speed

    Cheesequake, while short, isn't very beginner friendly... lots of punchy climbs. Mercer or Wharton would be perfect if looking for elevation avoidance. Clayton involves climbs as does Huber. Allaire has some climbs if you look for them. Hartshorne will be hike a bike for beginners.
  10. MikeyBikey2000

    Speaking of resurrections...

    Wow kids did funny things back in the 30's
  11. MikeyBikey2000

    USPS Tracking

    Hah so I am not the only one! This happens all the time - there is a combo program between USPS and UPS that is absolutely horrid. UPS delivers to the USPS post office.. from there its a crap shoot if you'll ever get your stuff. Happened to me at least 2 times where the last message was that it...
  12. MikeyBikey2000

    ID this bike

    Team Murray
  13. MikeyBikey2000

    Chatbot - for the phone

    Nevermind telemarketers.. this could be relationship gold.. yes.. of course I was wrong.. I'm sorry... what was that?... oh right away.. I'm only riding for an hour.. I will make it my top priority hun...
  14. MikeyBikey2000

    Allaire Conditions

    Does the beach have chiggers? - if I am going to go, I want the full effect.
  15. MikeyBikey2000

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    The few inches outside right now weigh like 15 pounds per shovel full, its redonk heavy. No Likey.
  16. MikeyBikey2000

    Bike shop boycott NRA?

    Will 6 mile be rideable this weekend?
  17. MikeyBikey2000

    Allaire Conditions

    People should stay away in general. place is a sandy hell hole. Especially on weekends.
  18. MikeyBikey2000

    Planet Bike - Matawan / Old Bridge

    Right I meant I bought from the East Brunswick store, but go to the Matawan store for everything else.
  19. MikeyBikey2000

    Planet Bike - Matawan / Old Bridge

    I was told my trance had sealant too from a different bike shop, I believe they don't put sealant in because the bike could be sitting on the floor for a while. Still I was told the same thing. In regards to this shop, when I was first looking at a bikes I checked out a trek fuel and it took it...
  20. MikeyBikey2000

    Winter is trying to kill me ...

    On the bright side, winter is the best time to catch up with why hollywood won't cast Nicholas Cage any more.